101 Things

101 Things (You Need To Know About Me)

101. I love Jesus.
100. I love Jarid.
99. I love Benjamin.
98. I love Kaiya.
97. I love my family.
96. I love to sing.
95. I still have a caffeine addiction. I’m down from a pot of coffee per day to one caffeinated beverage, but I’m still addicted. The headache hits around 9:30.
94. I’m a closet hippie. My dad would say I’m a granola cruncher.
93. I love granola with yogurt.
92. I’m the most conservative hippie/granola cruncher you’ll find.
91. I’m not the best housekeeper.
90. My husband still loves me.
89. I have a gold tooth.
88. I used to be able to thread floss into my nose and out through my mouth.
87. The first time I shaved my legs, I wound up in the emergency room.
86. I despise heat.
85. I despise being extremely cold.
84. I love snow.
83. I love blizzards.
82. I hate DQ.
81. I would love to sing backup for Carrie Underwood.
80. I’m sad that Carrie recorded “My Last Name”.
79. I’m ultra-patriotic.
78. “God Bless the USA” usually makes me cry.
77. I’m not a girly girl.
76. My little girl is the perfect mix of tomboy and pretty princess.
75. My little boy gives the best hugs.
74. I hate materialism.
73. I buy only name-brand jeans. (That’s because those are the only ones that fit!)
72. I shop at second hand stores…in Arizona, that means I can get THE name brand jeans cheap!!!
71. I used to eat breadsticks and ranch with a LARGE side of Mountain Dew almost every day during high school.
70. Now, I love hummus, sprouted stuff, and other “crunchy” stuff.
69. I knit.
68. I quilt.
67. I used to think quilts were overrated and ugly.
66. I can make my own chapstick.
65. I can make my own soap.
64. I am afraid of trains. Well, specifically trains at a railroad crossing.
63. I love the smell of rain.
62. I love LTR. If you know what that means……
61. I hate to clean.
60. I love a clean house.
59. Attention to detail is not my specialty.
58. I am afraid of guns.
57. I love to shoot gophers.
56. I have my own gun.
55. I like to shoot my dad’s pistol.
54. I want to get my concealed weapons permit.
53. I am a Montana girl to the core.
52. I don’t believe in global warming.
51. I recycle and try to reduce my “footprint”.
50. I associate songs with most things that happen in my life.
49. I would probably die without music.
48. I don’t “get” the song American Pie.
47. I don’t like songs that I don’t “get”.
46. I typically don’t care for songs that you can’t harmonize.
45. I love sushi.
44. I can make my own sushi…and will try again soon with brown rice.
43. I’m a pretty big fan of trout (having only tried it once or twice).
42. I had never gone fishing until Summer of 2008.
41. I caught a crawfish the first time I fished…on a Lightning McQueen fishing rod.
40. I love to ski.
39. I haven’t been skiing since before Benjamin was born.
38. I own a snowboard.
37. I can’t snowboard very well.
36. I love to watch football.
35. I’m torn between Favre or Green Bay…leaning toward Favre, but Green Bay will go on long after Favre is done…
34. I never really liked football until I was pregnant with Benjamin and found myself screaming at the tv one day while I was home alone and the CU/CSU game came on tv.
33. You should not bother me while a football game is on.
32. I want to go bungee jumping.
31. I want to go skydiving.
30. My husband rocks. And I have the t-shirt to prove it!
29. I have a horrible memory.
28. I’m addicted to reality tv competitions like American Idol, The Academy, Nashville Star, etc…
27. I miss playing volleyball.
26. I would love to live in Seattle (and please don’t tell me I would hate the rain..as my sister would say, “Are you my brain?”).
25. I cannot eat fast food without feeling the need to throw-up. This is not because it tastes bad, but because I know exactly what is in it.
24. Number 25 would not be true about a Crisp Chicken Burrito from Taco Time in Belgrade.
23. I am a label-reader.
22. If a food has more than 5 ingredients, I will usually put it back on the shelf.
21. I enjoy cooking.
20. When we got married, my husband did most of the cooking.
19. I have almost four years of college under my belt, with no degree in sight.
18. I want to go back to school…and major in something entirely different than the first four years.
17. I am a sucker for sad songs.
16. I rear-ended someone once because I sneezed…twice…or something.
15. I’d rather drive a standard than an automatic transmission.
14. I prefer my coffee black.
13. I like to eat raw coconut.
12. I have no compassion for people who refuse to try to make a change.
11. I love to watch Jarid ref a good basketball game.
10. I have to sit far away from everyone while watching his games so that I don’t get in a fight with ignorant fans and parents.
9. I plan on having a second home in Montana someday.
8. I hate shopping.
7. I typically fall asleep during movies.
6. I put ketchup (not gravy) on my turkey at Thanksgiving.
5. I hate mashed potatoes.
4. I love chocolate.
3. I love to read…mostly non-fiction.
2. Many of the above above subject to change if I find documentation supporting my decision.
1. I’m slightly obsessed about a lot of things.


1 Comment

  1. Karen Joy said,

    I love your list!!

    I just found that you had linked to my blog (thanks!!), and came over to check out your blog. I think I would really like you IRL.

    You may enjoy the blog of another “blog friend” of mine, http://looksgoodinpolkadots.wordpress.com/ . She’s another really crunch conservative. 🙂

    I’m in the Phx area, too. Peoria, actually.

    I’m adding your blog to my WordPress reader.

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