Bountiful Baskets

April 19, 2008 at 8:19 am (*) (, )

I’m so thrilled with my most recent discovery, I had to put up a quick picture and post.

What you see below cost me $30.  All of that (58.5 lbs) for $30!!!!!!  That’s 51 cents per pound.  You can’t buy produce in the grocery store for that price.

(Please excuse the poor picture quality.  Our digital camera has apparently kicked the bucket, so cell phone quality will have to do for now.)

For my Arizona friends and family, you can go to to find more information.  For my non-Arizona friends and family, I would be more than happy to help you find something in your area.

Here’s how it works: I go to their website, place my order, pay and wait until Saturday.  On Saturday morning, I pile the kids and a large basket in the car at 7:00 am and drive, oh, maybe a mile, to the pick up site.  We load our goodies and leave.  It’s that simple.  Obviously produce is the biggest thing, but occassionally they have other special offers like granola, herbs and spices, cheese, etc.  They also offer bread all the time.  The bread is $2-$2.50 a loaf, unlike the $4.50 you’d pay for the same brand in the store.

I don’t have a say in what goes into the produce baskets, but it’s all fairly “normal” stuff.  Here’s what we got this week:

  • apples
  • bananas
  • grapes
  • mangoes
  • cucumbers
  • radishes
  • red potatoes
  • carrots
  • zucchini (I think!)
  • rhubarb Swiss Chard (can you imagine if I’d actually made the rhubarb crisp????)
  • lettuce
  • broccoli
  • artichokes
  • green onions
  • cantaloupe

I may have missed something, but you get the idea.  Pretty soon they will be offering strictly organic produce!

Okay, I’m off to store my goodies!



  1. Kelly T said,

    wow!!!! VERY cool. Will you send me more info. SO, you just order and then when you get there you get what they have there(guessing what’s in season) . Does that mean it is a flat rate? Yeah….send me the info:)

  2. Renee Tofslie said,

    hey Staci: I love this idea, I’m unsure if this is an option for us here in MT. Is this possibly through our COOP? Not sure I’m navigating in the right places.

  3. Wardeh said,

    That is very cool! I’m so happy for you that you have a local source for good produce. It all looks very beautiful. Last week when I picked up all my greens locally, I paid $8.50. Love that price tag!

    Love, Wardeh

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