My New Toy

April 23, 2008 at 10:09 am (*) (, , , )

Last night, Jarid came home and handed me a package.  This is what was in it.

Nike Sport Armband - Black (TP527VC/A)

A Nike ipod armband.  Without the ipod.  Apparently, a customer came into the store and had this armband, but had bought another one and wasn’t going to use it.  So he gave it to Jarid.  Sweet.

Now we need the ipod.  Which is awesome because I’ve started running in the mornings and it would be so much more enjoyable with music.

Oh, but wait.  While I’m fixing dinner, Jarid walked around the corner and handed me another package.  That’s right.

Apple iPods  Available For Pick Up

Of course, my immediate response is, “What did you do????”

Well, let me tell you what my wonderful husband has done.  In typical Jarid-fashion, he has worked his tale off, shown his work ethic, and helped get a business off the ground and on it’s way to being very successful.  For that, his boss is greatly appreciative.  Thus the ipod.

And thus, I am very appreciative.  Thanks, Kyle!

Being new to the ipod world, it took a little bit of doing, but I was able to run this morning with music in my ears! Yay.

Now I just have to burn all of my Napster tracks to cd, rip them back onto cd in mp3 format, find them again, and import them to my iTunes library.

(insert sarcasm here)  Brilliantly orchestrated.  Well done, Apple.

Either way, I am super pleased.



  1. Kelly T said,

    haha…yay!!! How fun is that. I miss running in CA…that is the only time in my life I enjoyed running. I hope to start working out again here soon. Swim suit season is FAST upon us.

    hey, my health food guru…Do you have whole grain healthy dough I could use for pot-pies? I have whole wheat flour but am worried it would not taste all that great just to use that in place of enriched flour. what do you think???

  2. Staci said,

    I wouldn’t say that I *enjoy* running, but I am enjoying that I’m feeling better, having time outside…by myself…. 🙂

    Swimsuit season. HA!

    Anyway, I emailed you a response so you’d get it in time.

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