First Camping Trip of ’08

May 2, 2008 at 4:45 pm (*) (, , , )

Jarid and I actually had a day and a half off together, so we decided to take the kiddos camping.  We went last year, in July, and had a pretty good time.  This trip is our second time with the kids.   Last time, there were fire restrictions.  This time, we made it before the restrictions kicked in (today!).

We left Sunday morning, with the intent of finding a church in Payson.  As you can imagine, nothing went according to plan and we ended up starting the trip with breakfast at IHOP (yeesh).  The kids LOVED the boysenberry syrup…go figure…if you can actually call it syrup!  My deepest apologies to those who love IHOP.  Nonetheless, it was fun.  Especially with “Big John” as our server.  Ben and Kaiya loved calling him Big John.  Yikes.

Off to Payson, where the next stop was Wal*Mart.  Probably not the best idea on a Sunday, in a little mountain community….I think the entire town was there.  Plus tourists.  I think that, what should have been a 20 minute trip, took 90 minutes.  I’m sure 80 of those minutes were spent in the checkout line.  You know how Wal*Mart has 20 lanes, but only 2 open?  Yeah.  Like that.

Poorer and more frazzled, we crammed our stuff into the Honda and headed for Tonto Creek.  Found the campground, then drove to the fish hatchery a few miles up the road.  The kids loved seeing the big fish.  So did Ben and Kaiya! 🙂


After feeding the fish, we headed back to set up our tents.  Yep, plural.  Tents.  This is a big step for a girl who was terrified of camping growing up.  Click here to find out why.  (It starts in the second paragraph, and should be noted that this happened about 30 miles from where I grew up.  It should also be noted that, if I am correct, my dad dated Sandra way back in the day….sorry, dad, if I’m not right.)

Anyway, the tents.

The kiddos got pretty dirty while we set up the tents, so we walked down to Tonto Creek to play around a bit.  Ben had a blast throwing rocks in and Kaiya, well, she went for a swim!  Nothing too crazy, but she and Daddy had LOTS of fun!

After that, it was dinner time.  We roasted hot dogs and chicken/apple brat thingies.  And marshmallows.  I’ve been informed that you CANNOT go camping without marshmallows.  Kiddos got dirty again.

Then it was time for bed.  Cute, cute

Once they were asleep, it was finally time for dad and mom to relax.  It was so nice for Jarid and I to just sit and talk.  And look up at the stars.  And miss Colorado.  And miss Montana.

Once we climbed into our tent, we realized that we had failed to properly prepare for this trip.  It was cold during the night.  Being the momma that I am, I got a little nervous in the middle of the night and decided to climb in with the kiddos to make sure they were warm enough.  Apparently, Jarid got a little colder after I moved. 

Needless to say, he was the first one up in the morning and got a nice roaring fire going for us.  We had fruit and cereal for breakfast before packing up and heading home.

All in all, it was fun.  We made a list of the things we’ll need to get for next time…and we’ll probably make a master list so we don’t forget anything.

I don’t think I ever would have imagined myself doing this.  Guess I was wrong!




  1. Sara said,

    Wow! I’m so impressed. 🙂

  2. Kelly T said,

    haha….what a trip!! We are planning on camping this summer as its still WAY to cold here. And I am VERY impressed with the two tents! I was too nervous for that so, I opted for a BIG two room tent! Ok…and I have to admit after reading the story now…I am scared about camping NOW, haha! Guess I will just suck it up! And…I guess I will have to remember a solid list!

  3. Brandi said,

    Absolutely no camping for me…ever!!!!!!

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