When God Speaks…

May 22, 2008 at 9:26 pm (*) (, , )

Listen and obey.  Immediately.  Without argument or hesitation.

That’s what my mom did today, and I’m pretty sure she’s alive because of it.

In case you missed the news on the tornado, click here.

She can tell you the story better than I can, but I can summarize and say that she experienced the Lord’s presence today and obeyed the voice telling her to get out of the church where she was at work.  Minutes later, unbeknownst to her, a tornado completely destroyed the church.

That is why we must obey, immediately.  Now if I could only get that across to my children! 😉

Thank you, Lord, for keeping my family safe.

***Edited to add this YouTube video.  Make sure your sound is on!



  1. Kelly T said,

    I was waiting for your post…I think I will add a link of yours on mine….wow…just amazing.

  2. Kelly T said,

    wow…..I posted the segment the Today show did covering the story. wow……

    How is your mom doing today?????

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