Tidbits from Kaiya

May 31, 2008 at 7:55 pm (*) (, )

I haven’t written much about my sweet little girl since switching over to this site, so this is long overdue.  It’s not much, but things she says……..wow.

Tonight, we had already eaten dinner and were having a small bite of (gluten/casein free!) yummy brownies, when Kaiya decided it was her turn to pray.  She dutifully bowed her head and folded her hands, insisting that Benjamin do the same.  She started mumbling something and when I told her I couldn’t hear her, she said,

“Oh, I’m just telling God not to stink.”

What?!?!  And then I remembered that they had just watched Stanley the Stinkbug (Hermie and Friends).  But still……I wasn’t aware that God stinks.  Imagine how stinky we are to Him, though, eh?


And then tonight.  She insisted on reading to me while I combed her hair.  She wanted to read Dr. Seuss’ One Fish, Two Fish.  So she sat on my lap, with the book upside down, reading from back to front.

“One day, the three little pigs left home to see the world.”

Wait.  What?!?!  Oh right.  They also love The Storybook Factory by Leapfrog.

Do my kids watch too much television?? 😉

And then there was this morning, when she found one of my Christmas socks.  You know, the kind with the little bells on top, red and white striped with green toes?  Yeah.  She wore that one sock around all day.

My precious little girl.


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