Oh, Kaiya.

June 16, 2008 at 8:54 pm (*) (, )

It’s been a rough evening.  Neither child wants to settle down.  I’ve made a few trips upstairs for some well-deserved discipline.  Mostly for a certain little girl.  After one such trip, I had just gotten comfortable on the couch so I could continue listening to this on my ipod, when I heard a massive thump, followed by wailing.  So I drag myself upstairs again and find Kaiya laying in bed, under the covers, just slightly disheveled.

Me (as sternly as possible): What happened?

Kaiya (between sobs): The wall hit me!!!

Me (holding back laughter and trying unsuccessfully to conceal a smile): The wall hit you?

Kaiya (holding her arms out for a hug): Mmmm hmmmmm!

Oh, Kaiya.


1 Comment

  1. Kelly T said,

    hahahaaa….oh the restraint to withhold the laughter!!

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