The Verdict

June 18, 2008 at 11:50 am (*) (, )

Benjamin’s test results came back today.  To give you a quick rundown, here is the verdict:

“You have active dietary gluten sensitivity”

“It is recommended that you follow a strict and permanent gluten free diet”

“You have an autoimmune reaction to the human enzyme tissue transglutaminase, secondary to dietary gluten sensitivity”

You have an elevated fecal fat score which is usually due to “gluten-induced small intestinal malabsorption/damage when associated with gluten sensitivity”

You have an elevated level of (anti-casein) IgA antibody, at 35 units…levels “greater than or equal to 10 are indicative of an immune reaction, and hence immunologic “sensitivity” to that food. For any elevated fecal antibody level, it is recommended to remove that food from your diet”

“Gene analysis reveals that you have one of the main genes that predisposes to gluten sensitivity and celiac sprue”

“Each of your offspring has a 50% chance of receiving this gene from you, and at least one of your parents passed it to you”

“You also have a non-celiac gene predisposing to gluten sensitivity”


So what does it all mean?  It means Benjamin has an autoimmune disorder that makes him unable to process gluten and casein.  It means mom or dad probably passed the gene on to him and something “triggered” the gene to activate.  We are in agreeance that mom probably passed it on.  (Jarid hardly has ANY health problems!)  It means that two and a half years of searching/struggling/wondering has finally come to an end, for good.  It means this is a permanent way of life!  Praise the Lord it isn’t something worse……(see the post below).

Yay for definite results.





  1. sara kay said,

    Wow. Nice to know that definitely what’s going on. Almost makes me want to pay for that test for Hannah and me. Incredible.

  2. Kelly T said,

    oh my word. I bet knowing was just the BIGGEST relief on SO many levels. Well, so that helps knowing, but I hope the challenge of DRASTICALLY changing your diet continues to be as easy as possible. PTL. Where did you get the test taken?

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