Tayveon, cont’d…

June 26, 2008 at 7:24 am (*)

If you read this in the morning hours of June 26th, please pray for this little man.  He is having surgery, as I type, to remove his eye.  Please pray that the pain will be minimized (our wonderful healthcare system dictates that this is an outpatient procedure, so no extra pain medication), and that the biopsy of his eye will come back free of cancer.  Also pray for David, Kelli, Corwin, and Joni, who are Tayveon’s mommies and daddies, that they will experience extraordinary peace during this time.

You could go to Tayveon’s CaringBridge site to see progress, and to leave a note of encouragement for the family, if you feel so inclined.



  1. Melody said,

    How is the little boy, Tayveon doing following his surgery? We have prayed for him & his family.

  2. Staci said,

    Tayveon is doing well! I was finally able to talk to his daddy and they are adapting pretty well after surgery. If you want to keep track with updates, you can go to http://www.caringbridge.org/tayveonfeenstra. She is updating fairly often and you can read all of the details…I’m bound to mess something up!

    Thanks for praying and thinking of them!

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