Monday Madness

July 7, 2008 at 1:07 pm (*) (, , )

So I stole this idea from Sara…at least I came up with a different name, right? 😉  Madness is definitely more appropriate for us. 🙂


1.  I found the keys to our cars, the mailbox, the house.  They have been missing for about 2 months.  They were under the sink in the master bathroom.  I’m blaming it on my kids.

2.  Gas prices aren’t very much fun right now.  However, for some reason, when I budgeted last year, I budgeted at $4.00/gallon!!!  So we’re just starting to feel the effects.  But, we decided we need to do more, so….

Fortunately, we didn’t have to buy this.  Jarid’s dad is in Denver for his job, so he graciously allowed Jarid to take his bike while he is gone.  He will really only be using it to go to and from work, but it should help with gas for now.

3.  We are also thinking about selling the Crunchy Honda.  Some of you didn’t know that we bought the CH.  It is dubbed the CH because the previous owner rear ended someone and just had the hood banged out….it looks crunchy.  Anyway, we bought it earlier this year because we needed a vehicle with AC, as the truck does NOT have AC…and I couldn’t do another summer of no AC in 115* heat on my way to work.  Well, it was a spur-of-the-moment purchase, probably not as well thought out as it should have been.  The AC doesn’t work as well as it should and neither of us really has a piece of mind when driving it.  If we sell it, we can probably get out of it what we paid.  We are thinking of purchasing Jarid’s parent’s Toyota Solara from them.  We’ll see what happens.

4. Camps are done for Jarid.  Yay!  He will pick up some junior college games this fall, which is great for adding experience and reps.

5.  I’m getting the itch to return to school.  It’s a yearly thing I go through, and we’ve found that it is extra tempting when Jarid is at one of his camps that takes place on a college campus! 🙂   I’m not sure that this itch will go away this time.  The events of the last year have changed my focus, just a little.  I’m super into nutrition, food, natural medicine, etc…, but in order to go anywhere with that, I really need to get my bachelor’s degree.  After that, maybe this?  (Part of the reason for writing this is just to help get it out of my system…part of it is to see if my husband is reading or paying attention!!!)

6.  Work is getting to me.  It’s a longer drive than I care for, too much drama on some days, not enough pay most days.  Sound familiar?  At least I get to help people.

7.  The pool is almost too warm to make it worth it.  Is summer over yet?  I miss Montana!  (I did just find out that I have a cousin who will be getting married in the fall, I assume in Montana……)

8.  Fourth of July was fun.  Jarid and I finally had a day off together.  We spent the morning with the kiddos in the pool (it’s not as bad in the morning), then spent the evening with a friend of mine from high school.  She moved our junior year and I actually found her down here because she was working at Starbucks and knew Orley.  Anyway, they hosted a barbeque and the kids got to play on the slip’n’slide and the swingset.  Then we headed out to watch fireworks.  We got to see 4-5 shows on our way home!!

9.  In other news, Benjamin continues to amaze me on this diet.  We are still fine tuning and finding more foods to be watchful of, but his progress really is awesome.  He is trying to sound out and write words on his own and can easily write his name.  This might not be a big deal to some, but it is HUGE for us.  Instant progress with little training/coaching.

10.  Kaiya is a doll.

Need I say more?

11.  Just want to see how many of our family members read this, so I’m posting an open invitation to come see us!  We love company and would love for our family members (and friends!!!) to come for a visit.  I’ll be expecting RSVP’s.  Thanks.



  1. sara kay said,

    I expect this to become a weekly occurrence… 😉

  2. kelli said,


  3. Staci said,


    Come visit me….then I’ll give them to you.

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