Monday Madness

July 14, 2008 at 3:31 pm (*)

Two in a row, Sara! Yay, me!

1. Monsoon season has arrived. I am in heaven. Okay, it’s not quite as good as a Colorado/Montana blizzard, but…when many of the streets are closed due to flooding and people are late to work, it kinda takes on blizzard-like qualities. Very fun.

2. The Crunchy Honda died. All weekend it sat in the parking lot where Jarid works. We are now back to a car and the truck. And the motorcycle. Buying his parents’ car is now out of the question, because they owe more on it than we thought. Not sure what is going to happen, as we still have probably two months of heat ahead of us. Juggling kids and carseats and motorcycle helmets is not exactly easy. Especially since one of us isn’t exactly ready to make the bike her main source of transportation.

3. I have an interview tomorrow for an internal job transfer. This location would be about two blocks from where Jarid works now. It’s about three miles closer to home than where I work now. Three miles may not seem like a lot, but when it’s six miles on a round trip, that adds up! My only concern is getting enough hours in, as this location is open fewer hours. I am praying that the Lord can work this out…I’m ready for change!

4. Jarid is getting ready to take over the finances. I can’t wait. We have no intention of taking me completely out of the loop, but we decided that was one area that he could take over to alleviate stress for me. All of the diet changes we have made have really taken a toll, and take a huge chunk of my time. Plus, I need to extra guidance in regards to our grocery budget, as I tend to go a little nuts with it (slightly obsessed??)! We really aren’t sure how or why I ended up taking care of it all in the first place (maybe because of Mountain Mudd and staying at home?). Either way, it will be nice to hand that off.

5. I’ve been following the progress of Steven Curtis Chapman’s family here since they lost their daughter, Maria, in a tragic accident. He and his boys just got back on stage within the last three days.  It truly is amazing to see how they have relied on Jesus through their pain.  They are schedule to appear on some major media outlets very soon, including People magazine.  What an awesome opportunity for the world to see a great example of God’s grace and mercy.

6. Starting Friday, I am on mandatory vacation.  Where I work, each employee is required to take a mandatory five-days-in-a-row vacation every year.  That means I’ve been there for a year…on the 20th!  Wow.  That also means I have some much needed R&R coming up.  Yay!!!  My husband has something in the works and it involves leaving the kiddos behind for a couple of days.  Love my kids, but I am so stinkin’ excited!

7.  We had friends over last night, which was great fun.  My house is clean, too.  Yay!

8.  I’m reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma.  A challenging read intellectually, when you consider I’ve been reading parenting books and the Pokey Little Puppy for a few years now.  Okay, okay, I’ve been reading healthy/fruity/crunchy books, too, but this one (at least at the beginning) requires a little more focus.  It really is an intriguing and eye-opening read, to say the least.  I will certainly write more about it soon.

9.  I have a headache.


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  1. sara kay said,

    Very good. I’m so impressed. 🙂

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