July 25, 2008 at 9:49 am (*) (, , )

Jarid and I spent a much needed night (sans kiddos) in Sedona last weekend.  It was amazing.  I hesitate to say that it was beautiful, because when you grew up in Montana, nothing compares.  However, the place we stayed was so reminicent of Montana.  Let me tell you, friends, that it could have been nestled right on the Gallatin River in the canyon.  We fell asleep to the sound of Oak Creek babbling it’s way down the canyon.  Truly heavenly.  The only thing better would have been actually being on the Gallatin River.

I ate my first trout, caught fresh from the creek.  I think I’m hooked.  (Sad that I grew up in Montana and never ate trout, eh?)  Fishing and eating fish may be added to the growing list of my obsessions.  🙂


We also went hiking in Red Rock State Park.  As you can see in the pictures below, parts of it were very Montana-esque.

A one-night stay was not nearly long enough.  Rest assured, we will be going back soon.  An open invitation stands for anyone who would like to join us…the condo-on-the-river could certainly accommodate a few more people.

Thank you, baby, for orchestrating such a wonderful weekend.  I’ll take a weekend in Sedona any day over a stay at the Marriott.

*I apologize for the picture quality.  Some were taken on my cell phone, the rest on our video camera…the good camera is in the shop, STILL.*


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  1. Mark said,

    Awesome! I wanna go.

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