Monday Madness

August 18, 2008 at 12:57 pm (*)

Not too much going on right now.

1.  My last day at my old branch was Saturday.  I start at my new branch on Tuesday and I’m really excited.  It’s a little scary because I’ll definitely be out of my comfort zone while I get to know my new coworkers and management.  I’m just praying that the Lord will give me opportunities to show His love, and give me the strength to do it!

2.  We’ve been supplementing Ben’s diet with vitamin A (cod liver oil) and I really am seeing even more improvement.  Essentially, vitamin A helps heal his digestive tract and mucous membranes.  That, in turn, facilitates better nutrient absorption and may eventually help break down those pesky proteins that wreak havoc on his immune system.  Very few people know about the benefits of vitamin A, particularly in reference to supplementing a gluten/casein free diet.  Likewise, very few people know that vitamin A is a great defense if you feel a cold coming on.  If you ever want to try it, make sure you are getting pure fish liver oil, not a palmitate.

3.  I’m happy to report that we are more than half way through the month and we’ve got just under half of the money left in our grocery budget.  That even includes the pizza we ordered in when Jarid’s sister and her husband came over on Saturday.  I’m going grocery shopping this afternoon, so we’ll see what’s left when I get back.

4.  In the search for a missing set of screws, Jarid informed me of a new addition to our house.  Of the eight-legged variety.  Of the red-hourglass-on-the-stomach variety.  It’s in a box in the garage.  Stellar.


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