**WARNING: Proud mommy moment ahead**

August 19, 2008 at 8:17 pm (*) ()

To most moms, what I’m about to tell you might not be a big deal. Actually, I’m sure it’s not a big deal at all. But to this momma, it is a big deal.

So, as overheard in the Sinkler house in the past two weeks:

“Mommy, Tiger Woods doesn’t swim, he’s a golfer!”

“Mommy, I’m just going to go around this way so I don’t accidentally spill my water.”

“Okay, mommy.” (Without arguing, I might add!)

I could continue with many more, but you’re probably bored out of your mind. Those statements in and of themselves aren’t that big of a deal. But when you consider the complexity and thought required of a four and a half year old to make those statements, it’s a bigger deal. When you consider that four months ago, we were dealing with pretty severe behavior and discipline issues. Obedience was a struggle, at best.

The days of unexplainable temper tantrums and outbursts are becoming few and further between.  The super-silly faces and behavior aren’t all-day issues to deal with.  The aggression continues to decline.  There aren’t so many questions about random obscure objects (“what’s that?”) as there are questions about how things work (“why?”).  The crazy dance and crazy look is rarer than ever.

Again, I know this doesn’t mean much to many of you. Even those of you who know us pretty well might not understand how big of a deal this is. There is no way for me to put into words the progress we’ve seen with Benjamin.  Sure, things aren’t perfect.  We still have some discipline issues and some behavioral issues.  Some of it is breaking bad habits and learned behaviors.  But honestly, there is no way to explain how this diet has changed our family.

When you consider that in March of this year, I was almost ready to give up, give in, lose my mind…

And now, my heart is bursting with pride for this dude.  Really.



  1. Rachel said,

    Awesome! We really do underestimate the effect that the choices we make around diet can have on our bodies.

    So happy you are seeing transformation and encouragement along this journey you are walking together.

  2. sara said,

    Wow. Big smiles over here. Love you guys!

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