The Responsibility of Prayer

August 27, 2008 at 3:13 pm (*) (, )

in Jarid’s words…

In the past couple of years, I have nearly lost my father on two separate occasions due to motorcycle accidents. You never really know how you will react when that kind of thing happens. I had the opportunity to test myself twice in the area of family tragedy. It was interesting to learn the dynamics of that situation. I can’t really share any wisdom with you, because it will not be the same for you. For me, my role was emotional stability. I realized quickly that my father needed me, my mother needed me, and my sister needed me. They all relied on me in different ways, but my gift was in being the stability that was needed by my family at the time. My role was not more or less important than those that were filled by other family members. Instead, God seemed to orchestrate every facial expression and every spoken word. Every minute detail was in His control. Without faith, it would be easy to see how emotions could completely destroy a family under similar circumstances.

Now I find myself in what is even a more difficult situation. My best friend was put in an impossible position when his mother tragically died last weekend. I don’t know how to comfort him. I don’t think there are words that could possibly help. To some extent, I wish it was me in this position instead of him. I felt a sense of duty when it was my father on a hospital bed. I felt completely comforted and assured by the prayers of those around me. I only hope that he is feeling the presence of God the way that I did. Today, I realize my responsibility in this event. It’s a responsibility that seems too easy. Yet, I find it more difficult to fulfill this responsibility. It’s my duty to pray.

When it was me going through a difficult time, I know that he was in prayer for my whole family. I know that he prayed for us individually, by name, and for specific reasons. Now I must not overlook something as simple as this in return. So I pray; individually, by name, and for specific reasons. I pray that he sees God in every facial expression, and in every spoken word. I pray that he will be able to look back on these days and comment on how God seemed to orchestrate every moment. I know that this day was in God’s plan, and that today his mother is intimately familiar with the loving arms of Jesus. This family made an eternal impact on me, and even the rest of my family. This family forever affected the way that I live and love my wife and my children. I pray that they take comfort as this phrase echoes in heaven; “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”


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  1. KON said,

    I really like reading “well done my good and faithful servant” in reference to my mom. Thanks, Jarid and Staci, for your prayers. It is great to know that mom is home with Jesus, but we sure do miss her. I know that prayers for strength from God can do nothing but help as our lives have been made more difficult by the loss of a major source of strength. I love you guys.

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