September 8, 2008 at 4:14 pm (*) (, )

Jarid bought an underwater camera so we could show off our little fishies.  Benjamin, in particular, is amazing in the water.  Since the middle of May, his swimming abilities have left us speechless.  Gone is the little boy who timidly entered the water, holding his nose when he went under.  Gone.

Instead, I stand at the other end of the pool and watch as Michael Phelps Benjamin easily swims to me, dives under to retrieve his diving rings, all with the ease of an experienced swimmer.  No lessons, either!   It is no coincidence that we started the diet at the beginning of May.  Trust me.

Of course, Kaiya is awesome, too.  🙂



  1. Kelly T said,

    wow!!! these photos are AWESOME…that is so cool that he once was timid and now just goes for it!! It so amazing watching these little ones accomplish things that are so big to them(and usually to mommy and daddy too!)

  2. Kelly T said,

    oh…and what kind of underwater camera did Jarid use? Just LOVE them:) Pass on props to Jarid

  3. Kelly T said,

    $13 or more…SO well worth it! I saw Jarids FB ones after you commented one them…so great!! And, Lacy is doing quite well…still taking forever to fall asleep and stay asleep…but it’s not upsetting to her or me:) Hasnt seemed like a massive change has occurred so I guess that’s good!

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