Where Were You?

September 11, 2008 at 2:33 pm (*)

It’s been 7 years since the 9/11 attacks and I’m just curious if y’all remember what you were doing when it happened.

I was on my way to work at Gart Sports in Colorado Springs.  I had the radio on and just caught the end of the initial report that a plane had hit a building in NYC.  I thought maybe it was a joke, but when I got to work, we all gathered around the tv in the golf department and watched as the second plane hit…and then the towers collapsed.  I remember calling Jarid and my mom, as the seriousness of it set it.  That was 11 days before our wedding.

Last year on this day, Jarid was working at Canyon State Academy with high schoolers.  He said that some of them didn’t even remember the events of that day.  They were 7-11 years old.  That is so weird to me.

Where were you?  Feel free to comment…I’m interested to know.

(Really, let’s not ever forget this day and the people who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom and our safety.

But more than that, don’t forget that we serve a sovereign, merciful God.  He knew this would happen before time began.  It began with Him and it ends with Him.)



  1. Kelly T said,

    I too, will never forget where I was and until then, I had been blessed to never have a moment in my life like this. Wow, how blessed we are here.

    I was at college at the U of I. Of all things I was on a 3 day overnight camping field trip for a 101 class, I believe environmental something..haha! There was a decent group, about 40-60 on the trip and there was this LONG caravan going with all the students. We stop at a gas station with a decent food mart. And all of the sudden, there is commotion and everyone is looking at the tv screen behind the counter. I can’t remember if one or both towers were down at this time, but all I remember was, we are being attacked and I have NO phone, we are out in the middle of NO where and I just wanted to call someone and ask if we were going to be safe. You would think being in the middle of nowhere would make you safe. But we were headed to Idaho National Library, where they work on nuclear power. At that point what we heard over the brief 10 minutes on the news, certain things and cities where at risk, not knowing what was going on. After all the vans were filled our professor wasted no time and made us all get back into the van despite protests, as he wanted to stay on schedule…come on, REALLY?! Wonder how he is feeling about that today. Yeah, we were on our way to the plant. I was freaked out…but, of course it was on lock-down when we got there. Yeah, so we did NOT go home, it was awful. Finally I believe the next day we arrive home and that’s when I saw everything…just floods of grief for all who were lost. I am more thankful than I can express for those who HAVE and those who ARE serving this country and am speechless by all of those who have died in protecting our country. I really do not feel that my generation as a whole even gets it, they dont appreciate what the generations before went through and really are taking advantage of it. Won’t go into that…ok, so that’s where I was September, 11.

  2. Brandi said,

    I had just finished showering. Mullin was 2 and sitting on my bed watching cartoons when the phone rang. My good friend Emily alerted me that a plane had just hit one of the towers. (I rarely ever had news on–it was always PBS kids or Veggie Tales) I was speecless and in total shock. Of course the rest of the day was spent watching news and not cartoons. What a bleak day.

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