Monday Madness

October 13, 2008 at 1:21 pm (*)

1.  We are starting week three of yeast-free/sugar-free eating.  It’s rough.  I cheat a little here and there, but the kidlets are doing amazingly well.  If it’s not “working”, it certainly isn’t harming us to be cutting out sugar for a while.  The next phase of fun diet stuff is due to kick in by the end of the week.  It involves probiotics of the non-dairy type.  Kind of like yogurt.  If it works and we see improvement, I will let y’all know.  If not, no harm done and we’ll move on.  But if it does work, we may be on the road toward recovery, so to speak.  Even if I am a complete nut-job and buying into a whole load of hippie garbage, we’re eating pretty stinkin’ well and are pretty healthy.  Again, no harm done.

2.  The weather is cooling off here.  I should have put this one first, because it’s way more exciting!  The past few mornings have been down in the 40’s.  I cannot tell you how much joy that brings me.  The highs are in the 70’s right now, which is (gasp) actually kind of chilly.  That may seem ridiculous to some, but remember the 115 degree summer we just had?  That’s a 40 degree difference!  Yay!!

3.  Even though it’s only the middle of October, I’m beginning to plan for our trip to Colorado for Christmas.  We will probably ship some of our winter clothes.  I would imagine it would be cheaper to ship them than to pay $15/bag when we fly.  We’ll see.  As it is, we will already be paying $15 for each bag we check.  No freebies.  I’m also trying to figure out a rough menu plan.  It’s just not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants operation when you have food restrictions.

4.  I think that’s all for now.  Exciting stuff, you know. 🙂


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