Monday Madness

October 20, 2008 at 11:46 am (*)

1.  Jarid’s Grandmas (both of them!) are visiting this weekend from North Dakota.  His aunt and cousin also came down from Colorado, so we’ve been enjoying family for the past few days.  Next post will have pictures!

2.  Surprise, surprise.  Three people in the house are sick with colds again.  I’m eagerly waiting my turn for the nastiness to arrive.  I fail to understand how/why we are getting sick so often.  This time around, it doesn’t seem too terrible for the kiddos…just runny noses.  Jarid’s been a little worse, but not completely out of commission.

3.  We have started the non-dairy probiotics.  Have y’all heard of kefir?  If not, I’ll post about it soon.  It’s kind of like yogurt, but with more beneficial bacterias.  Of course, like I said, we aren’t doing dairy kefir, so we have some interesting alternatives. 🙂  The desired outcome is a healed gut for Benjamin.  We have a target date of December 1st to try adding a small amount of raw milk.  If it doesn’t work, we’ll still have plenty of time to get it out of his system before we head to Colorado for Christmas.

4.  I continue to marvel at the Lord’s hand and timing in our lives.  Even though it drives me bonkers not to know the plan He has for us, I’m finding it fairly easy to rest in Him.  I take much comfort in knowing that He has a hedge of protection around us…and that everything that happens (or doesn’t, in this case), is in our best interest.

5.  Still getting my tail whooped in our Fantasy Football League.  It’s not pretty.


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  1. Kelly T said,

    Have fun with all the family! And we can’t seem to kick the cold bug at our house either. Lacy just developed into a fever:( Many hugs!

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