A visit from the Grandmas

October 22, 2008 at 2:01 pm (*)

Both of Jarid’s Grandmas are in town this week, as well.  I’m not sure what kind of threatening and coercion took place to get his Grandma Mary (dad’s mom) down here, but it worked.  And a big thanks to the person that made it happen!  I think the last time we saw her was before we moved down to Phoenix.  I’m pretty sure she’d sworn off flying forever, but his Grandma Viola (mom’s mom) gently took her hand and dragged her on the plane!  These sweet ladies trekked 1100 miles together, thanks to a non-stop flight via Allegiant Air.  (We look forward to the day Allegiant adds Bozeman to their route, since they already have direct flights to Missoula and Billings!!)

Anyway, we’ve had a wee bit of excitement since they got here, as Grandma Mary started the journey with an infection on her foot.  Once in Sinkler territory, it was determined that she needed to see a doctor for the infection.  For whatever reason, the doc at the urgent care decided to do an ultrasound on her calf where, lo and behold, TWO blood clots showed up.  At the follow up appointment the next day, they suggested she be admitted to the hospital that day, as they felt she was at risk to have a heart attack or stroke at any time.  That was Monday.

Fast forward to today.  Grandma Mary is still in the hospital, still waiting for the results of a battery of tests.  Both Grandmas were scheduled to fly back to North Dakota today, but they were able to change their flights.  If I understand correctly, the travel insurance option was checked on their tickets, so they were able to change the flight with no additional charge.  Grandma Vi was gracious enough to stay longer and help Grandma Mary with the flight home.

I’d say the infection on the foot is a blessing in disguise.  If not for that, the blood clots may not have been discovered until it was too late.  We are so thankful she was here!  Please keep Grandma Mary in your prayers!

Anyway, pictures from their visit so far.  (I see I need to get more pictures of Benjamin and his great-grandmas…those will be coming soon!)

***UPDATE: We would really appreciate your prayers for Grandma Mary.  She will be having surgery on Monday and will be down in Phoenix for at least an additional 2-3 weeks, possibly indefinitely.  The infection in the toe is worse than the doctors originally thought, due to the blood clots, and they may or may not be able to save her big toe!


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