Monday Madness (on Tuesday)

November 4, 2008 at 5:00 pm (*)

I really can’t believe it’s already November.  As much as I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m not ready for the holidays to begin.


1.  Jarid’s Grandma Mary is still in the hospital here.  We are expecting her to be discharged tomorrow, but please keep her in your prayers.  At this point, she will most likely not be going back to North Dakota.  At all.

2.  My sister will be coming to visit this weekend.  I haven’t seen her since July of 2007.  So it’s been way too long.  I would say that she’s just coming for a visit, but I’d really like to point out that she’ll be here on her birthday.  The big THREE-ZERO.  That’s three decades.  Wow.

3. Jarid’s first JUCO game is tonight.  Grandma Julie graciously agreed to come watch the kiddos so I could go to the game.  I’m so stinkin’ excited.  This is the reason we came to Arizona!  (Well, part of it, anyway.)

4. Last Sunday was my first time singing on the worship team at our church.  What a blessing!  I didn’t realize how much I missed singing until now.

5. Benjamin continues to amaze me.  He is doing very well sounding out words and writing them.  The other day, after a visit to see Grandma Mary, he said, “Hey mom!  I spelled hospital!”  When I looked at what he’d written, my jaw dropped:  HOSPTL.  The ‘s’ was backwards, but I was floored.  We talked about vowels the other day and it’s awesome to see him apply what he’s learned.  His math skills (for an almost-5 year old) are incredible, too.  It’s not just memorization like “2+2=4”, but figuring out how many more almonds he needs if he has 5 and wants 8 almonds.  Might not be a big deal to a lot of people, but I’m a super proud mommy!


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  1. Razor Family Farms said,

    I’m not ready for the holidays either! I am planning a trip back home but not in time for holidays, I fear. We’re hopeful that gas prices will hold steady so I can make the trip without spending all of our reserve!!

    Love the blog!


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