Monday Madness

November 17, 2008 at 7:45 pm (*)

1.  The holidays are upon us and that means it’s time to start begging Jarid to let me pull out the Christmas decorations and music.  Of course, he’ll fuss and I’ll whine and he’ll win.  I tried using reverse psychology on him, pointing out that he’d be outdone by our dear friends Mark and Brandi.  It didn’t work.  I’ll just have to load the music onto the ipod, I guess.

My favorite Christmas albums are:

  • “A Christmas Album” by Amy Grant (Tennessee Christmas is by far my favorite song on there)
  • “Brand New Year” by SheDaisy (there is a hidden track that has an exquisite showcase of the sisters’ harmony!)
  • “Christmas Offerings” by Third Day (this one could honestly be my all-time favorite album…Christmas Like a Child brings tears to my eyes every time)

2. Since the holidays are upon us, that brings a new set of food challenges.  This will be our first year gluten-free/casein-free.  Can you believe that some turkeys contain gluten?  In order to enjoy the Bird, we may have to spend upwards of $60 to ensure it’s “all-natural, no nastiness-added”.  How ridiculous is that?  Nonetheless, we will enjoy a fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner (just tested a yummy pumpkin recipe) and we will even enjoy some of my personal Christmas favorites in Colorado.  Mmmm…..the Christmas wreaths (“snow-covered”, this year) and sugar cookies are calling my name!

3.  The last of our visitors have left and the house is quiet.  Yeah, right!  We had a blast with Kelli last week, spoiling her and never mentioning that she had turned THIRTY.  Ben and Kaiya were the beneficiaries of Kelli’s discount at the Children’s Place.  We came home with a huge sack of clothes for under $60, much needed.  (Did you catch that we got several items of clothing for the same price that it will cost my to buy a turkey this year???  Sheesh.)  Kelli got to “enjoy” some gluten-free/casein-free cooking…I think she found that, for the most part, it’s not all that different!  Anyway, we had fun when she was here and can’t wait for the rest of her family to come visit!!

4. I guess that’s all for now.  I’ll just leave you with a few pictures of Kelli’s visit..and a few of some cuties to entice y’all to come visit!


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  1. Brandi said,

    Trust me the middle of Nov. is too early. Decking the halls gives the kids an instant case of ants in the pants. And, of course, I am the one at home who has to deal with this extra amount of energy pent up in the little rascals!!!! Shiloh doesn’t understand why we can’t open presents now. And, ya know, it just doesn’t feel right having Christmas decorations up with it being eighty-something degrees outside!!!! Ugh!!

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