So it’s not a Winter Wonderland…

November 22, 2008 at 9:49 am (*)

but we’re gonna try to make it feel that way anyway, until we get to Colorado.

Last night, I was able to convince Jarid to let us put the up the Christmas tree and decorations.  I’m really not a “Christmas-trimmings-before-Thanksgiving” kind of gal, but I’ve really felt like the holidays were going to empty.  I think I’m just a little unsettled and going stir-crazy (having not been out of the state of Arizona for a year and a half!).  Anyway, I really think it was Kaiya that convinced Jarid…you should have seen him melt when his little girl got so excited.

So, we started the adventure off right, with a trip to Chipotle.  Jarid had a coupon for a free burrito and some extra money from tips, so it seemed like a perfect way to start the evening.  Besides, you can’t put up the Christmas decorations when it’s still light outside.  If it’s dark, I can at least pretend there is snow falling outside!

We stopped at Sprouts to get a few necessary ingredients for hot chocolate and headed home.  Hot chocolate this year was made with coconut milk.  As you can see in the pictures below, the kids hated it.  🙂

The only thing I can’t portray here is the Christmas music in the background.  Ahhhh…it’s starting to feel like Christmas now.




  1. Kelly T said,

    just wonderful!! I hope we have dry weather to go and cut down our tree…but who knows! So glad you went for it….and that you had a great time. Love you all!

  2. Mark said,

    These pictures are super! Those kids are so photogenic. Even the Grinch looks like he’s having fun!

  3. Becca said,

    I love Sprouts, I didn’t know they were all over!

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