Long Overdue Monday Madness

April 20, 2009 at 12:13 pm (*)

I haven’t felt like writing much lately…so I haven’t.  There really isn’t a good reason, other than that I felt like all I had to write about was how I’ve had the “blahs”.  Sometimes it’s better to keep that to myself, ya know?


1.  It’s getting warmer here.  As in, almost 100 degrees.  As much as I despise the heat, at least that means we’ll get to spend time in the pool.  Have I mentioned that my kids are little fish?  They LOVE to swim.

2. Jarid’s official 2008-2009 basketball season is done.  He ended up with a few great high school tournament games and was an alternate for some of the final rounds.  Camp season starts near the end of May, which is always crazy.  One camp in May, two in June, and then July is upon us.  (See number 3!)  The big camp will be in Colorado this year, which is essentially a job interview for a Division 1 conference.  We’ll keep you posted!

3.  July brings a much needed, long overdue trip to Montana.  I’m not sure it’s possible to convey how much excitement I feel about this…I think it’s safe to say I’m bursting at the seams with anticipation and I’ll probably kiss the ground when we step off the airplane!  My, ahem, 10 year reunion will be held during our time there, so we will enjoy that along with spending time with friends and family.  This will be the first time any of my dad’s family has met Kaiya, and most of them haven’t seen Benjamin since he was maybe 6 months old (?).  I guess you kinda get forgotten when you move to the desert, huh?  🙂

4. Easter was low-key for us, as Kaiya had a pretty nasty cold.  It was easy to keep our focus on the true meaning of Easter, as the commercialized aspect of the holiday isn’t exactly friendly for gluten/casein-free kiddos!  No worries though, because it melts my heart to hear Ben or Kaiya tell people that “Easter is not about Easter eggs filled with jelly beans, it’s all about God’s Son!!!”

5. My trip to Colorado was incredible.  See some of the pictures below.  It started a little rough, with my flight being cancelled due to the blizzard in Denver.  In the end though, it was a blast to see a good friend and relax and laugh with my parents.  We played a few games of Catan, enjoyed the cool weather, and I took one nice, long, hot bath, free of interruptions!  I can’t wait for my next “refresher trip”…though Jarid said it will be several years before I get to leave him alone again!

6. Please be in prayer for us as we continue to make more decisions about our future.  Though I’m not ready to share all of the details quite yet, I will say that through our journey and adventure with Benjamin, the Lord has given me quite a passion in the area of health and nutrition.  We are excited to see where the Lord might take that passion…  🙂

7. Just a quick note of praise: so far, even with our failing economy, Jarid’s job remains stable.  It appears that, at least in Arizona, the health/fitness/nutrition sector seems to be holding up.

I think that’s probably all for now.  I’ll try not to go so long between updates, I promise!


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