Since a certain someone keeps nagging me…

June 5, 2009 at 8:33 pm (*)


Here is a long overdue update to the blog!

I had kind of hoped that if I waited long enough, this thing would update on its own, kind of like my computer automatically installs updates.  No such luck.

Not much is new in the Sinkler household.  The Arizona heat is upon us once again, and I am finding it hard to believe that this will be our third summer here.  Everyone says that you will eventually get used to it and your body will acclimate.  They’re lying.  It gets hard when it’s so hot outside, because you run out of things to do.  My children might not agree, but you canNOT spend every waking minute at the pool!!  Thankfully, our A/C is fully functional again.  We knew a moment of panic last week when the inside temperature said 86 degrees and the A/C would not turn on.  Blech!

This morning I took Benjamin in for his Kindergarten testing.  Is it really possible that I have a child who will go to school this fall?  (This summer, really, as Chandler goes “year round” and they start July 27.)  It’s rather nerve-wracking to think about all of the areas we need to address with his teachers and the school regarding his diet, but I’m really trusting that God will lead us through this with relatively few bumps and wrinkles.

Basketball camp season is under way and Jarid will be traveling to Colorado at the end of the month for one such camp.  This is essentially a job interview for a particular athletic conference.  Of course, we are hoping and praying this leads to good things, but still leaving it up to the Lord.

Kaiya is growing like a weed.  She’s very much into aggravating her older brother, yet knows how to brown-nose and take care of him when necessary.  She has become an excellent little swimmer, just like Benjamin.  Both kids are now able to swim without lifejackets or floaties…and they never took swim lessons!!  I’m so thankful they are not afraid of the water, especially down here!

I suppose the biggest news is that I am contemplating returning to school.  Everything is set for me.  All I would need to do is show up to class the first day.  However, it’s a pretty big decision, with many implications.  Again, we covet your prayers as we move forward with this.  Oh, and my major?  Human Nutrition.  Not that you were surprised!

I think that’s all for now.  I’ll leave you with some pictures of a recent Sunday afternoon drive in Arizona.

Much love!



  1. Kelly T said,

    lots of exciting potential your way! We will definitely be praying for your family! But, school…yuck! haha:) I am excited if YOU go for it! The pics were really enjoyed. Such a good looking family! Much love.

  2. Kelli said,

    I take full pride is being the “the one who keeps nagging”. And who told you that you could pose by my sign??

  3. Uncle Arlen said,

    I start sweating every time I think of Arizona in the summer. The last time Vickie and I were in the Phoenix area was June of 1998, and it was 105 all three days. I couldn’t stand it. We are much looking forward to seeing back in GOD’S country this summer. Blessings and love to you! Arlen

    • Staci said,

      Can’t wait to be back in God’s Country!! How’s your newest bundle of sunshine??? Congrats!!

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