Big Sky Country 2009

August 8, 2009 at 7:47 am (*)

(This is a super picture-heavy post.  It was just too hard to skip some of the pictures.  Because of the way WordPress works, I was not able to put text underneath a group of pictures without labeling each picture.  Instead, I gave a brief narrative of our trip and followed with the bazillion pictures.  Enjoy!)

So…what a joy it was to be home.  I can’t believe how much I missed Montana and wanted to stay.  I truly thought through the repercussions of not returning to Arizona.  I can honestly say I wouldn’t miss much (besides Orley, Julie, Tara, and Adam)!  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Montana so green.  Jarid and I were in awe as we drove from Billings to Bozeman.

Originally, we had planned to fly into Missoula, where we would be able to spend time with our good friends, Brian and Rachelle Wiggins.  Unfortunately, Allegiant cancelled our flight into Missoula and it ended up being quite a bit cheaper to rebook into Billings.  However, we decided to meet the Wiggins family at Fairmont for a quick picnic.  It was such a joy to see them and Rachelle and I felt like we picked up right where we left off in Colorado Springs!  The kids had a blast together, too.

One morning, we took the kids to Cameron Bridge to go fishing.  I had packed their fishing poles (Lightning McQueen and Disney Princess poles, of course!) just for fun, so we had to make a quick trip.  Well, that quick trip turned into quite an adventure, as Kaiya caught a 14-inch trout!  Benjamin didn’t have as much luck, but was pretty excited for Kaiya…until it was time to clean and gut the fish. 🙂  Boy, was that fish yummy!!!

Much of our trip was spent with family.  We had a bbq one night, where Kaiya made her first appearance with the Tofslie family.  I think Kaiya is the oldest of all the “greats” that Nana had yet to meet, so that was a special time, as well.  It was a blast to see everyone together, even though there were many faces missing as well.  Of course, an Tofslie gathering isn’t complete without a nice, serious family picture.

A “must-see” for Jarid during the trip was Lone Mountain.  So we headed to Big Sky one morning, with hopes of taking the gondola to the peak.  No such luck, as it apparently doesn’t run during the summer (and would have cost an arm and both legs).  No worries, though, as it was still beautiful and we hiked to Ousel Falls instead.  Again, we were amazed by how green it was!

In the midst of enjoying the beauty of Montana, we took time out to attend my 10-year reunion.  We had fun visiting with my classmates, reminiscing and catching up with everyone.  Unfortunately, I failed to bring my camera to any of those events!

Of course, our trip wouldn’t have been so memorable without the amazing hospitality of Miss Jude.  Miss Jude is the mom of one of Jarid’s friends from high school and she graciously opened her beautiful home to us.  Each morning we were greeted with an exquisite view of the Bridgers.  More than one evening was spent chatting with Jude, just enjoying her company.

Benjamin and Kaiya were treated to a trip to the park with my cousin, Spencer, and two of his close friends.  They had such a blast and stayed out WAY past their bedtime!

We were also able to enjoy a quick lunch with my former pastor and his wife, along with my parents.  It was such a joy to see Jerome and Harriet Jackson and catch up, even if just for a short while.  Unfortunately, we didn’t think to get pictures of our visit!

And finally, what’s a trip to Bozeman without hiking the “M”?  It was somewhat of an impromptu trip, but we all made it to the top, even climbing the hard way!

When all was said and done, I realized how much I miss Montana and green landscape!  We might not ever be able to feasibly live in Montana, but it will always be home.  Our trip back just gave me more resolve to find our way back north, at least to Colorado!



  1. KON said,

    love the pics…wish I could live there now too. Looks like you all had a great time.

    • Staci said,

      It was so good to be back. The last time I was there was for your wedding! We were pretty bummed that we missed your dad and sister, though!

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