Monday Madness

September 14, 2009 at 9:33 am (*)

Long overdue, I know…

1.  Kaiya has the croup.  She seems to be more susceptible to it than Benjamin ever was, which is odd.  At least now we are used to it and know what to do.  By the time I’m done with her, the poor girl will have garlic seeping out her pores!

2. It’s still hot in Arizona.  I am so ready for summer to be over.  Cool mornings, cool evenings, sleeping with the windows open, a break in our utility bill…I’m ready.

3. Benjamin is doing so well in kindergarten.  The first few weeks were an adjustment, but he really seems to have settled in.  I am absolutely amazed at his progress since a year and a half ago.  Really, before we started the gluten and casein free diet, I honestly thought we would have to homeschool him.  But now, you’d never know that there are some underlying issues.  Obviously, his diet is the biggest factor in his improvement, but I really think it’s the combination of diet, supplements, routine, and basic social learning at school.  Last night, I just sat and stared at him, really just in awe of how far we’ve come.  I look at him now, watching him play and listening to him talk, and I realize that he’s back: the sweet, intelligent, funny little boy that we thought was gone….he’s there!!!

4. I am going through a phase of food obsession right now.  I am finding that I really love to cook, and now that I have a solid grasp on gluten/casein free cooking, it is so much fun!  Food Network is my favorite channel on television and the majority of our recorded shows are cooking shows.  I taking a menu from one of the FN shows and transforming it into a cheap, Benjamin-safe meal.  Of course, we don’t exactly have a money tree growing in our backyard, so I’m lacking some of the equipment necessary to really show off my passion…but, you work with what you have, right?

5. Basketball season is quickly approaching and we are excited to see what Jarid’s JUCO schedule will look like this year.  He will be doing both men’s and women’s games, so that is just another step in the right direction.

6. I am working on another blog/website that I hope to have up and running soon.  It is aimed more at what we are doing with Benjamin and will feature converted recipes, how-to’s, resources, and general information regarding his condition.  My hope is that even one other family might find the site and be encouraged and helped through it.  I’ll keep y’all posted. 🙂

7. I think Arizona is bad for my health…constant headaches, fatigue, onset of allergy-type symptoms.  Yuck.


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  1. Kelli said,

    Funny…..I think Texas is bad for my health. Hmmmm

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