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I love Calvary Chapel for their verse-by-verse (expository) approach to the Bible.  We attend Calvary Chapel in Queen Creek, and went to Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel in Colorado Springs when we lived there.  Since I got we got the ipod, I’ve started downloading Pastor Eric’s (RMCC) sermons to listen to whenever possible.  They are currently in the book of Matthew, just past the sermon on the mount.

As I was listening today, he was teaching on Matthew 8:23-34, where Jesus calms the storm.  Eric highlights four points about facing storms in our lives:

  • storms expose our fears
  • storms challenge our faith
  • storms cause us to know our Savior
  • storms direct our steps


It hit me just how relevant that passage is to me right now.  Honestly, I feel like the last year of my life has been a storm.  No, actually, the last three years have been a storm.  And let me tell you, it certainly has exposed my fears and challenged my faith.

While I’m not quite ready to share all of the details, I can tell you that the last two and a half years have been a struggle, a challenge to figure out what was going on with my precious little boy.  Was it a parenting issue?  Discipline?  A strong-willed child?  Maybe I was just lazy or incapable.  Maybe my expectations were too high.  Maybe I had problems.  Was I crazy?  Did I have an anger problem?  Maybe I shouldn’t even have had kids or been allowed to have them.  It’s kind of impossible to relate all of the thoughts and feelings I’ve experienced.  Add to that a few job changes, a move, financial stress….pretty much a disaster waiting to happen.

Fears?  Yeah, it definitely exposed fears.  Fear that I just couldn’t handle what was given to me.  Fear that I was going to ruin my life, my marriage, my relationship with my children because I couldn’t get a handle on things.  Fear that my children would grow up to resent me.  Fear that I would have those children, be that parent.  Yep, I had fears.

 Has this storm caused me to know my Savior more now?  You bet.  What a compassionate, loving Savior we serve.  And His grace and mercy leaves me speechless.  How many times did I deserve so much worse?  How many times, when I thought I couldn’t go on, did He shower his grace on me, giving me hope?  Every time I was at the end of my rope, everytime I cried out that I couldn’t take one more step, Jesus was there, revealing a little more of His plan for my life.

As a side note, remember in the story where Jesus calms the storm, the disciples cried out to Him as He slept.  He knew that the storm was coming, He knew how it would end, so the disciples could have just clung to the boat in fear, waiting for the storm to pass.  Instead, they cried out to Jesus in dispair.  It’s okay to cry out to Jesus during our storms.  It gives Him a chance to respond and show us who He really is!

So, where has this storm directed my steps?  Well, let’s go back to Matthew first.  When they reached the other side of the lake, after the storm, they found two demon possessed men who needed Jesus.  Often times, Jesus brings us through a storm to reveal others who need help, who need Him.  They are people we might not have crossed paths with had we not gone through the storm.  Not only that, but we may not have been equipped to help them before the storm.

I’m not really sure where that leaves me, or where my steps are being directed.  I only know that already, God had brought a few people into my path who needed to know about gluten.  He’s already brought a few people into my path that are heading down the same road….  There are lots of moms (and dads) who are struggling with their children, kids who have physical ailments, and they don’t know what to do.

I never had intended for this to become a blog about gluten/casein, etc…  But plenty of people are literally searching, and they need answers.  I don’t claim to know everything there is to know, I don’t claim to have all of the answers.  Again, I can only relate my experiences.  And maybe someone out there needs Jesus…and this is the way they’ll find Him.

As our pastor in Queen Creek says often, “Are you willing and available to let the Lord use you?”



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